All About Parks

Imagine finding an interesting way to improve the local city park. These open areas can include different structures such as picnic tables, open shelters for picnics and social events even in wet weather, playgrounds, and places for playing sports. Parks range from the well-developed to largely an undeveloped but kept field for family activities. One possible improvement project is a muga pitch.

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This concept is popular in the United Kingdom but might be spreading to other countries. It simply means a developed area that can be changed easily to be used for different sport. Usually, it is surrounded by fencing and flood lights and is about the size of a tennis court. It can be larger if the field is to accommodate football (soccer) or similar field sports.

Very often an artificial turf is used for a MUGA pitch precisely because it can be changed as needed and because it does not get worn or muddy in winter. The base surface might be concrete with a sand-dressed mat laid on top of it. Artificial grass might be placed on top for football season. The entire point of such an arena is that it can transition to support different sports throughout the year and so is frequently in use.

Parks do not always have generous budgets, so it makes sense to spend money wisely on a structure that is able to repay itself more quickly. Many older parks have fields that accommodate a single sport and so sit unused for much of the year. Since town budgets are often harshly fought over, a new investment should see frequent returns and be popular because it is used by different people.

For better or worse, multipurpose structures are the future for many towns with tight budgets. The more people that can use the area, the greater the social payoff as well as the ability to generate revenue through year round renting. For a town that loves sports, being able to use the same space for football in one month and basketball in another month is a pretty agreeable trick.

Parks have always been spaces for individual and group pleasure. Much of the space is generally open for people to play games with their own equipment. A great park has developed spaces for fun activity. Sometimes it could just be an open pavement designed for basketball, but it is very disagreeable when a ball travels for a hundred feet out of bounds because of a lack of sports barriers.

People can do all sorts of things in a park, but some activities are a bit more dangerous because of flying balls in an area that sees a lot of people during pleasant weather. The solution is to build spaces meant to contain balls and provide convenience and safety for all. Tennis courts have always featured cages to stop flying tennis balls, and now basketball courts offer similar protection.

Parks should be safe and enjoyable areas, especially if there is a lot to do packed in a small area. Open courts might be cheaper, but a MUGA pitch has many uses. Segregating spots for energetic sports prevents dangerous interruptions from surprising both players and passersby.